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How to add new emulators (Gameboy, SNES, etc.)

Hi there, because of my lacking experience with SSH, Linux, and much more, I was able to get emulators working by several snippets of guidance of you guys here at the forums. Due to maaaaany people here that don’t know…

75 March 27, 2019
[USB-ETH] How to transfer files if you have unstable wifi

Many of you have probably experienced that the wifi signal is weak specially if you have the router behind walls (compared to other devices, like smartphones). That in some cases makes it a pain to transfer files or dow…

41 February 25, 2019
How to transfer files with TinyCloud through SSH

This thread has all info on how you can enter the TinyCloud on GameShell through SSH. What you need: Hardware A wireless network connection (WiFi) :globe_with_meridians: A GameShell unit :video_game: A computer wit…

25 February 16, 2019
How to change time on the GameShell

This thread has all info on how you can change the timezone on your GameShell What you need: Hardware A wireless network connection (WiFi) :globe_with_meridians: A GameShell unit :video_game: A computer with access …

8 August 6, 2018
Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets) 111 April 24, 2019
Pico 8 install issue
10 April 24, 2019
How do I add more emulators to my retro games folder using ES file explorer
6 April 22, 2019
Game Shell freezeing
4 April 22, 2019
Set time on GameShell 13 April 19, 2019
[Tutorial] Rebuilding Gameshell from Clean Install 8 April 19, 2019
How Can I install dosbox-sdl2 version?
15 April 12, 2019
When will there be a new version of the system?
2 April 12, 2019
Editable Icons Project - Fixing and expanding the default theme's icons 12 April 12, 2019
GSketcher / Processing3 3 April 10, 2019
[Tutorial] Cross compile SDL2 C(++) applications from Linux to clockworkOS 30 April 9, 2019
[Tutorial] How to compile and upload code to the keypad 9 April 8, 2019
Turn off the set up automatically?
2 April 7, 2019
ScummVM for RetroArch (Help!)
2 April 3, 2019
How to install PICO-8 on GameShell 66 April 2, 2019
FileZilla connection time out
2 March 29, 2019
Update to 0.3 instructions? 15 March 24, 2019
How do I add lőve2d
3 March 24, 2019
Game shell wont turn on when charged
2 March 22, 2019
Screen/keypad lock? 2 March 22, 2019
Gameshell keypad not working
19 March 21, 2019
Can't upload PICO-8 Carts
4 March 18, 2019
Pull GIT on Launch?
3 March 18, 2019
[SOLVED] I can't do an apt update. How to fix?
3 March 17, 2019
Gameshell Will Not Power On [SOLVED]
13 March 16, 2019
Initial HW Version I/O query
2 March 16, 2019