2019 orders shipping date


vanish87 has it right, they’ve printed the labels and “prepared” the shipment, but it’s not actually been picked up by Fedex/DHL/whomever yet. mine says it will be here on Wednesday the 6th, but that’s impossible anyways. as long as it ships and I get it by March 30th i’m fine. it is a sneaky trick but it is used a lot. I would also like to note that the email & message I received stated that mine was “shipped last week” but when looking at the FedEx page it says that the request was created the DAY I asked about my shipping. I honestly at this point suspect that they got much more of a response than they were expecting and are overwhelmed. I hope they can get it sorted out and such soon before they start getting irate consumers, this is an excellent product I would hate to see it vanish due to a planning error.


Yes I called DHL and they said they haven’t even received it. It’s just been really confusing and frustrating with the lack of info and stuff. At this point I don’t know when I’ll get it.
It said i would get it the 2nd xD
I’m willing to wait of course but I wish things were more clear




to translate this for the non chinese they’re saying shipping is still good for them in china. heres a direct translation. so the issue seems to be more with the international issues instead. I would call this some sort of issue with the clockwork team, but I’m thinking it comes down to we need to be patient.

“Still good in China, the courier is too developed, pay today, you can get the goods the next day.”


Patience it is then haha


I understand patience, but this smacks of underhanded business practices just to get us to keep quiet. If the have yet to even send our units to post, that’s it that’s the third time they have spoken a mistruth to me. I’m going to try requesting a refund. I can’t keep faith in a company that is willing to us such business practices.


They did specify that the tracking numbers were to be distributed at the end of last week and then the packages are scheduled to ship out sometime this week. We just have to wait


I wanna agree with you, but I’ve been pm’ing @yong and help@clockworkpi.com before they were supposed to ship to change the color of my shell and they told me that it was already too late as it was already sent to the carrier for shipping. When I asked where was my tracking number then they assured me that they would get back to me that week, they didn’t. When I then asked for a refund for the first time they the told me that they were unable to issue me a refund because, again they had already shipped it. I called them out on it that time and magically got a tracking number within a few hours. Now I find that all they have done is create labels but have yet to actually send the units to the carrier and you can see why I no longer have any faith in the clockwork team or @yong.




This is what I am angry at too, they sell same items at taobao.com, and it seems that they provide items there first.


I’m sorry, we know it is taking a long time to ship this time. As we tried to communicate, because of the Chinese New Year holidays, we could not ship the packages until the week of Feb. 18th to 22nd, when factory workers and shipping company got back to work.

Moreover, unlike sending packages from individuals, currently, this kind of international business shipping from China still involve at least a week of lengthy process of filing exporting documents with the Customs, and ground transportation from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. We are trying to speed up this process with our shipping company.

Again, we apologize for the long waiting. Please give it a few more days, the tracking info may not be updated frequently. When it starts to move from Hong Kong, the ETA should be more accurate.




Happy that i didn’t choose the super expensive express delivery at least


I’ve contacted FedEx regarding my order. After I gave them the tracking number, they said that the merchant hadn’t requested the item be picked up yet. So its not going to be here today, as promised by clockworkpi and @yong.

I’ve sent a message to the help@clockworkpi.com email address to request a refund, as frankly the deceit practiced by the company is disgusting. I’d now rather just have my money back and buy another handheld emulator - I’m not bothered about “building” my own anyway.

If the clockwork team had been honest about shipping when I contacted them in the first instance, I’d not be doing this, and would have happily waited. But with lies like this, how much longer would we be waiting, and would we ever actually receive them?

Sending units to popular youtubers to help sell their products, makes it feel like they are only doing so to increase revenue, without a means of completing the orders. As I’ve said in this post, being honest wouldn’t hurt clockworks business as much as lying about it does.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re upset Harrisonr, and I fully understand your point, but I wouldnt go as far as claiming they have lied. they are likely dealing with a backlog. I hope your refund is processed quickly and without issue and sad that you’re upset. hope your future dealings go smoother.


Whilst I don’t agree people should argue in forums like this, I want to put my point forward a bit better. See the attached screenshot of an email I received from the help@ email address, it clearly shows that they said it “has been shipped”. FedEx tell me it hasn’t. I’m sorry, but ClockworkPi are lying.

If they are dealing with a backlog, they should have just said that, rather than print labels to satisfy the “shipped in 10 days” claim. Honesty goes a long way in this world, and its a shame that a company feels like they need to lie to keep customers happy.


I just got a notification that my shipment was picked up by FedEx. It’s officially on the move!


I also received that notice. Harrison I’m not trying to argue either I was just playing devils advocate. there are more sides to every story than just the one presented. I do agree they did not handle things in a great fashion, however it could be something as simple as a culture or language barrier. I do hope you get your refund without issue.


I just received a fedex update, should be here by monday


Hopefully I get an update soon as well