2019 orders shipping date


RIP. Still waiting for it to actually be shipped, last update is still the 25th of February. My order number is 11326, so here’s to waiting another week again before checking!


@PaleLebouf, your order number is lower than mine (#11451), and mine is now in transit after I asked for a refund. I’d try asking the help@… address for a refund and see if it starts to move? I do think that they will refund anybody, but worth a shot to see if it moves.

Otherwise, here in the UK your credit card company will be liable for the goods under section 25 of the consumer credit act 1974, this includes goods bought overseas/online, and you can request a refund from them - but I’m not sure if there is similar legislation in other countries.


#11450 delivered today. I had to pay 82€ of custom fees (France)


My order is 11425 I still have nothing, except a worthless postage label that shows no signs of any movement


@Lahegry, that is concerning, especially as your order number is lower then mine again. Where is your package heading? Mine is to the UK, but don’t know if or why that would make a difference.

My best advice would be to contact clockwork, using the help@… email address, or private message Yong on here to find out what’s gone wrong with your order.


to give context for two packages that have been getting updates, mine have had to go from their starting point in Hong Kong, to a separate island in Hong Kong, to Taiwan, now to Japan, and now they are in transit to the US


I’ve been emailing @yong and the help@clockworkpi.com but all I’ve been getting is generic excuses. Keep saying that they have mailed it but all I have is a link to a tracking number that shows that they printed a shipping label.


#11617 here, also still stuck on the original Feb 25th ‘electronic notification received’ on DHL
Can’t wait for an update…


Same here, still stuck on last DHL update being on Feb 25th, saying that the origin is City of Industry in California. Order #11524


We are aware that all FedEx/DHL express shipping has shown updates, while the postal parcels have not yet shown any tracking info updates.

According to the shipping company, and from our past experience, DHL postal tracking info are not updated frequently, it’s common that the first update you may receive will be when the package is already in your country. Please rest assured that both International express shipping and postal parcels are shipped in the same week, we have no reason to do it otherwise. It’s just that postal parcels take about 1-2 weeks longer for delivery.

As in our return and refund terms, items ordered from Clockworkpi.com can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases.


Okay this makes more sense seeing as how mine is postal parcel, thanks!


I don’t understand how I’m getting shipment updates then, I paid for the “postal parcel” option on shipping, and FedEx have been giving me updates?


DHL is shipping mine unfortunately haha, that’s probably why


I finally have an update, its been processed and should be here the 15th!


Where do you see the predicted date at? I’ve finally got a different update too and I’m just excited to find out when it’ll be delivered :sweat_smile:


mine arrived today. I’ve already assembled and tested it. works well, now to start hacking some things ie USB drive support


Mine is here guys! Hope that you will receive yours soon!
Paid 78€ custom fees


did your tracking update after the package was in japan? since the end of last week my tracking has said it’s in japan and hasn’t changed since but estimated delivery is still scheduled for today


mine updated once it was in Canada, but it did not change until this morning when it said it was out for delivery. mine came via FedEX. but I had importing fee’s so be aware.


how and when did you know you had importing fees? where did you go to pay those?