Any way to reset?

Sometimes DT hangs. For now I have to pull of batteries to reset.
Is there any bettery way?

press the power button over 10 secs to reset


10 seconds… ok. Thanks!!

If you have another computer, I suggest you enable the SSH, and you could connect to the DevTerm remotely to check what’s wrong and reboot or shutdown the DT.


Have you noticed the DT hang on anything specific? Any patterns?

Not by DevTerm it self, but mostly by operating system related.
If SDCard has some problem (ie, corrupted file system, inappropriate kernel/cmdline switch, config.txt …etc), it hangs.
And sometimes because of raspbian update. (now I switched to Lubuntu)
Before I got the reply from guu, I tried to long key press but it was not enough.

If I remember well, someone from the discord already started a wiki.

There is an official wiki:

I’ll chime in here, the single total hang I’ve had so far was while using apt-get to install gqrx, it happened during the download stage so it could just be network/wifi related