Can't start RetroArch 1.8.1 with retroarch.cfg from GameShellDocs

I messed up my retroarch.cfg by resetting the config from the menu and try to use to fix it. But it won’t let me start RetroArch.

I believe my RetroArch’s version is 1.8.1 (the one that comes with the v0.5 image, can confirm tomorrow because I don’t have my GameShell at hand right now). The config file on GitHub was updated more than 1 year ago. Can someone update that in the repo?

And can we customize the preinstalled RetroArch in the image to reset to the right config when resetting the config from the menu?

This is my config that I believe is that same one in the most recent official OS 0.5.

You can save a new config that will use the date as part of the file name. That way if you mess up, you can always reload your previous save file.
This is a great way to mess around with the config, and get to know how Retroarch works. When something works, save a dated copy. I even keep a backup of my clean config, in case I want to return to how things were originally.

In my custom DEOT image, I actually made a utility to recover the Retroarch config, almost like a panic button.


Thank you! I found an old version of the file I left in that folder from last year lol.

It’s smart to have a panic button. I wonder if you are compiling RetroArch from source, whether you can make the reset button in the app restore the working version.

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Ah there was a way! And a location of stores the “template” config file! I just can’t remember where.
It’s an option to specify when building it. In fact a lot of the options used during ./config are what determines a lot of the default states of things.
Standardising the process of building Retroarch is something I started a thread about; including the config file.