"Devterm CM3 ubuntu server image" does not boot at all

I just found new wiki page created and it was Ubuntu Server Image for DevTerm.
Unfortunately it does not boot and screen is not turned on. It seems DevTerm is hang.
I had to pull off batteries from DevTerm to turn it off.

I thought the image linked in the wiki page was prebuilted image for DT, but it was actually official ubuntu image.

Network will fail if you follow current wiki page. Since you need resolv.conf file.
I renamed original file and made new one temporarily.



After all processing is done, restore original file.

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Here is the ubuntu server image for the DT CM3
I just made it , and then you saw it , what a speed, lol

c56e21cde0ad85c66905c70dbcf3c628 ubuntu-21.04-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.img_devterm_7d4659b1.7z



You need /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml to setup initial WiFi network.

    version: 2
            optional: true
            dhcp4: true
                   password: "your-network-password"

I found Ubuntu resets this file at first boot. So you need to copy this file in somewhere else (like /root/)
If you find your WiFi is not set at first boot, look at this file if the content is what you entered.
Otherwise you need to copy this file again /etc/netplan/ and execute sudo netplan apply to make WiFi working.

I think this also should be in wiki page. @guu

And weird thing here:
After login successfully and WiFi working, I proceeded initial setup.
I tried to install libsdl2-*, suddenly apt-get package manager REMOVED all important packages…

Because I do this with -y option and didn’t pay attention much, it was too late when I noticed what was going on. Ubuntu was fallen into unusable state. sigh;;;

I followed wiki contruction and got this problem(?). I’ll try to install later.

I preinstalled the network-manager in Image ,so you can use nmtui to setup wifi instead of /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml