DHL won't deliver to Russia


Dear Clockwork Team!

My DHL package number is 1136155300 and it don’t show any progress since 23/01/2019
Here is the answer from DHL (translation from Russian):
“The status of your parcel remains at the stage of pre-order issued by the sender.
However, physically sending a to DHL Express did not arrive.
Acceptance of imported goods of Non-document category (i.e. subject to customs Declaration) addressed to individuals for delivery through the DHL EXPRESS operating network to the territory of the Russian Federation is temporarily suspended.
Goods coming from abroad and addressed to legal entities and customers working with the company under the contract are accepted without restrictions. For more information, please contact a DHL customer service Advisor…”

Is it possible to send it to Moscow by international mail? There’s no problem with it (yet).

PS. Thanks to our parliament and government, it is becoming more and more complicated to get something from abroad.

Thank you,