Forum category, tags and policies


Please read it is important

Due to the amount of backers receiving their gameshell and having a lot of question, the forum start to get a bit messy.

Please before posting your question do:
1 - Check that someone else haven’t already ask the same question as yours
2 - If not, you can create a new topic. Please don’t hijack an existing question topic to ask your own question, to try to keep thing clear and clean
3 - If your question is answered and solved, please state it clearly and edit your original post to mark add a “solved” tag

When you create a new topic, think for a couple of minutes in which category the topic should go, and also please add as many meaningful tag you can think your topic should have.

For example you want to discuss about a specific emulator, use the #emulator category and put a retroarch tag if linked with retroarch.

If you can’t find a tag and don’t have the permission at your user level to create a tags, you can ask for someone to do it for you.

Other important points:

  • Discussing about emulator are fine
  • Discussing about emulated game is in the gray area depends on the discussion, but is ok
  • Distributing or giving link to copyrighted material is forbidden and will be moderated

Topic should be as less as possible in the #uncategorized section. If you feel that a category should be added, create a topic to discuss about it and don’t forget to mention admins like @yong or @hal in your post.