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I cleaned up the interface of my GS, so when I log on, I get straight to the Retro Games:

My question, is it possible to clean up the roms, i.e. instead of “”, it could show “King of Fighters 99”:

Giving some thought, I suspect it would mean fiddling with the romsets, which would mean roms not working.
I suspect Emulation Station might be the answer here, but I am curious to see if anybody has attempted this.


I think it would be a case of manually renaming the files before or after putting them on the gameshell. To the best of my knowledge renaming the zip file to what you want will not affect it further. If you use unzipped files and there are multiple for the same game, naming should be done using the same filename and extensions. Hope this is clear enough otherwise I will elaborate a bit more with screenshots :slight_smile:

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Theoretically, you could make a custom language file that looks for certain strings, and renames them accordingly. You can find the file in ~/launcher/ or thereabouts. I will check it when I wake up. (It’s 1am haha)
Just add to the bottom of your language list something like: of Fighters ‘99
You would have to manually add an entry for each game. A script to automate if for you shouldn’t be too hard to write, possibly cross referencing a database, then appending it to a file in the correct format.
I haven’t checked to see if it changes menu items, but for the most part, it changes every other aspect of the file structure and menus.
I can’t imagine it would be very efficient to have a list that is thousands of games long in the language file, and would probably add a whole heap of time to boot up.
Having if somehow reading the header of a game would be very useful! I’ll have a tinker to see if it’s at all possible! :slight_smile:

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Oooh! I’ll give that a try. I’m just super curious if it was possible. I think you right though, the GS would use more resources reading the file than booting the game. Maybe ES would be the way to go… Think I’m always a bit hesitant when tinkering - you DEOT is my backup image for when I break while puttering about.

But please don’t spend any time on this, I assume you’ve enough on your plate as it is. Much appreciate the feedback though - go get some sleep!! :blush:

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Hmmmm, I’ve not even thought of renaming the files - assuming it had to match the rom set - took a while to get the correct rom set :scream:

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