GameShell OS image files (v0.3-0.4)

Good to have :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

The Magnet link is not correct: it is an <a> tag but has no src. I downloaded the torrent :slight_smile:

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@yong there is a “problem” with this image, “chocolate-doom” is not installed, making the “FreeDM” link to not work…

As in, /usr/games/doom links to /etc/alternative/doom which links to /usr/games/chocolate-doom which is missing.

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Thanks! @Godzil and @aewens,
I will have the team look into that, and release new image if necessary.
@bitdweller, looks like the forum does not support magnet link, I’ll leave it in the text.

> mount -o loop,offset=48234496 clockworkos_v0.1.img /mnt
> ls -l /mnt/usr/games/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root    536588 Jan 27  2017 chocolate-doom*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        15 Jan 27  2017 chocolate-doom-setup -> chocolate-setup*

Dear all, please relax, we have tested the “image” very carefully, because we have to burn 3000 SD cards and 2 days, if there is a problem, we have to burn it again: 3000 times and 2+1 days (much more slowly than blank cards).
So we have tested every feature before we submit the “mother card” to the factory.

In fact, you guys scared us…:star_struck: Good Try!


UTorrent Download time: 8 hours.
I’ll let this download so I can help p2p, but I’ll see if the direct download is any bet-

Direct Download time: 15 hours.
I guess I’ll wait for uTorrent… :sweat_smile:

Direct download time: 20 mins :sunglasses:

Upload took me a couple of hours … :zzz:


is possible to put all necessary files to run on emulator?

linux kernel image etc.
qemu launch options

Put the torrent on a server of mine which have a good bandwidth, you should get descent download speed if you are trying to download from the torrent

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How can I make to burn it up the OS image in my micro SD card again from windows?

My GameShell wont pass from the final LOADING screen (the one with the pixel gameshell icon) just before show the OS desktop.

Thank you

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Format an sd card , then download rufus choose the image then put start and that’s it you’re ready to go


Thank you very much! :metal:t2:

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Is there a process to put it image onto a larger microSD card and expand it? I’m willing to do it from Linux if necessary, but my Mac does have the ExtFS4 support.

Is there any way to install the OS image into an VirtualBox for testing purposes?

Or are there any other best practices to play around with the UI and functions without the need to flash an SD Card to test on the GameShell device itself?


Would you please provide a docker image or something with all the stuff required to BUILD the image?
The kernel without cifs or fuse is really limiting.

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I used etcher to flash the image to a 64GB microSD, then downloaded the ubuntu desktop image and again with etcher flashed it to a USB stick. In Ubuntu I used gParted to expand the clockworkpi partition.

This works for me, my Gameshell boots and sees ~60GB of storage.


Try loading more than 8 gigs of data to it and let me know if it starts to slow down. I suspect the partition is extended but I don’t think the file system is expanding. Either that or the launcher cant function when you have 10k+ roms.