GameShell OS update to kernel 5.3.6(With source code)

Oh, this looks interesting! I’ll give it a go.

In windows I can not see any thing . How can I copy it?

Not found boot drive.

Did you get your sdcard out of your GameShell and plug it into your Windows PC?

Yes, PC display H: , but not foud boot drive. H: can not open it.

What’s the version of you GameShell OS,could you please post a picture of your issue.
If you have the lastest v0.4 GameShell OS,when you plugin your sdcard,on Windows your will see two disk driver in your file manager:one with a label “boot” another your can’t open because Windows can’t recognize.

my OS is 0.4。but not boot drive.


Look this picture.

So I did the thing and it works, which is nice.

I don’t see a drastic difference, but it’s nice to keep things up to date. Thanks!

It might be something wrong with your sdcard reader,try to use another one or test on another computer.

ok,I successed update. thankyou

May I know which parameter should I given for the compiler?

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I assume you have downloaded the cross compiler.
Step 1
cd to the source code root directory.

Step 2
If there is no .config file in source code root directory,you need to

cp ./arch/arm/configs/clockworkpi_cpi3_defconfig .config

and then use

make -j2 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- menuconfig

to save the config,this step will avoid to answer questions during compiling.

make -j2 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-

the argument -j2 can be -j[number of your PC processors],it’s 2 here because my PC has only 2 processors.

Step 3

mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x40008000 -e 0x40008000 -n "Linux kernel" -d arch/arm/boot/zImage uImage

After all those steps without an error,you will see the uImage file.
you can download the cross compiler from here if you don’t have one:
Cross Compiler
and don’t forget to add it to the PATH.


Lots of thanks! It works as expected and I integrated USB driver to new kernel successfully.

After I finished all preparation I would send a new topic to summarize this as only few of people aware CPI is OTG supported :wink:

CPI use USB as a Ethernet Card

In fact, I just purchased a OTG cable and CPI working as USB host correctly. From the kernel shipped with the machine I can see the USB device is found in dmesg message but no further action taken by system(no USB ID identified, no driver loaded) and that’s the reason I build the new kernel with USB support.

It is now supporting my USB storage drive including USB card reader and external hard drive(surprisingly). It make it possible to load games from external storage and make CPI as a backup device for my SD card.

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That would be nice.So It may also use a USB hub,and I happended to have one integerated with a Ethernet card,hope it works.PS: are you a developer?

Although it drives my peripheral devices aka card readers I still don’t have much faith to drive a hub due to insufficient current for its output. A hub with external power supply should works fine.

No, I am not a developer, just a newbie here.


I downloaded kernel source code with version 5.4.2 and compiled successfully. However during boot process it seems the boot screen is missing. May I know how did you integrate with it?

The boot screen can be changed by menuconfig.
I have uploaded the latest source code to GitHub .
May be you can check it out.

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