GB(c) games incomplete display


When using standalone MGBA and retroarch with gambatte, a part of right pixels is missing out for GB© games. Is it emulator problem? How to get around that?


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this also happens when using the included emulator (still retroarch obviously) and I just learned to accept it, but a solution would be good. all I know is its related to the resolution and it is not a thing with the HDMI.


Thanks for reporting your case. The problem is likely to be the disagreement on resolution/pixel_shape between GB emulator and GS screen/graphics. Maybe I could override the resolution config of retroarch for GB/GBC ROM.


Hello. I solved this issue today. Turn off Windowless Fullscreen in the Retro Arch settings.


I tried the Windowless Fullscreen piece (turning it off) in Retroarch, but that didn’t seem to work for me. Are there other suggestions about how to make this work?