HDMI support in clockworkPI

It could be nice to have HDMI output port.
You wrote on kickstarter that HDMI support was planned.
So, are you planning any extensions?


The setup I’m planning on going for if we don’t end up getting HDMI output support is to try an USB OTG monitor / keyboard and mouse setup. You can find a few of these for pre-order now, and mine is estimated to come the same month I get my GameShell.

therefore more than one usb is needed and host usb too not only slave

@xor I was referring to something like the Superbook or Mirabook, which also have another USB on-board, so you only need one USB port on the GameShell to make use of both the screen, keyboard, and mouse. I intended to use this setup for developing on the GameShell, and possibly running some of the games / programs on a larger screen if desired. If you only need the screen, you can find other USB OTG screens that can accomplish this as well (e.g. from Amazon).

This is BIG and expensive machine. I need small mp3 player and game. But when i MUST (emergency :wink: ) i can use it for any other way.

P.S. in my opinion pinebook is cheaper

@xor The device I specified was an 11" monitor with a keyboard & mouse attached, that’s about $129, cheaper than what the GameShell retails at now (~$150). It’s not a full-fledge laptop, but a device that turns other devices (smartphones, Game Shells, etc) into a laptop using a USB cable. The Pinebook is cheaper, but it’s an actual laptop and doesn’t provide the feature of providing a keyboard & mouse and screen mirroring to any device connected over USB (at least not out-of-the-box).

I wrote about HDMI port because it could be nice to play some retro game with friend - so we need bigger screen (or TV) and other game controller.

ale sa ekrany usb, a taszczyc telewizora przeciez nie bedziesz.

Superbook is a DisplayLink device and currently has no ARM linux drivers. It would be nice, but the proprietary drivers would have to be supplied by DisplayLink. I have a USB to Displayport adapter that I intend on experimenting with an OTG adapter. I don’t expect it to work with the current ClockworkOS… We’ll see…

Well you potentially can hace HDMI on the Clockwork Pi, but will need to buy some components and having proper soldering capabilities.

The card is ready to accept a micro HDMI port, and a chip for generating HDMI signals.

They are just missing on the board.

And as we have the schematics, adding it and finding which components are needed is not too hard!

I would like to know which hdmi chip were they planning to add to check it out.


There are also a couple of missing passive around, and of course the microHDMI connector

And probably kernel modules?

Kernel module I’m not sure, properly configuring the video output is more likely. Will also need something to discuss with that chip on the i2c bus.

What is probably needed is to use what is available in the HDMI connector to detect that it is plugged, and then disable the internal screen, and switch on the HDMI output.

Should not be too hard to do, and not necessarily a kernel driver for that, depends on how the current screen driver is working

The i2c part should be easy and the soldering one.

I might give it a go if im bored.

There is a powerpad on the bottom so can’t be done with just a soldering iron, hot air is the minimum!

I have both.

And I saw it when assembling the unit image

Interestingly all the passive around the chip are soldered XD

Miss U20 though which is a clamp:


My first thought was hey!! my board is missing something haha when I saw the pad

sorry i am a noob. i plugged micro hdmi cable in and connected to tv. nothing happened. does it supposed to work out of the box?