How much does DevTerm weigh?

What is the approximate weight for a fully assembled DevTerm? I’m trying to imagine what caring one around will be like.

Thanks for the awesome gadgets!

Seeing as it’s just a 3D mock-up, I don’t know if there will be an accurate weight currently available.
Also, depending on the batteries the user purchases, the weight could change significantly.

I’ve taken the liberty of making a real life mock-up with potentially similar weights. Two game shells modified with high capacity batteries, and one with the light key attachment. It comes in at 503g. I’m sorry, I use metric weights, since I’m from one of the countries that’s not America.

It makes sense that it’s hard to say until they are produced, but
this helps with my mental exercise. Thanks!

No problem with using grams as the unit.

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I wouldn’t imagine it would be much more than 500g. One factor that might add potentially more weight would be the heatsink/fan.

More importantly, I don’t think this would really fit in your pockets, unless you had some chunky cargo pants.

What kind of weight range were you thinking as being in the acceptable realm of useability? Sub 1kg? Or just something that can survive being thrown in a bag/dropped?

Also I forgot to mention, welcome to the forums.

Wow, it’s really nice of you to make a mock-up. :+1:

Thanks for the welcome to the forum. We’re pretty excited about the DevTerm and have pre-ordered one!

I didn’t have a set weight limit. My wife intends to carry it in the bag she hangs on the back of her wheelchair. If the overall bag weight is too heavy then it’s not practical, but there is some wiggle room depending on what other items she carries at the same time.

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