How to order a gameshell and payment methods

I would like to order one of the first gameshells but the order methods/website is a little confusing. What is the correct website to order one and what payment methods are available? I’m hoping that Paypal is an option! Thank you for any answers!

I don’t think they are currently available to purchase or preorder. I see that there’s an indiegogo campaign, but I don’t know if it is legitimate.

If you check the Kickstarter page, under their “Thank you” is a big green button saying “Get your GameShell” that links directly to the Indiegogo page. So I’d personally call that legitimate.

So does that mean if you back the indiegogo it will be shipped when it’s ready? I couldn’t find any straight answers.
Thanks so much!

One of the core differences between Kickstarter and Indiegogo is that after the campaign ends, Indiegogo will allow people to purchase the product if all perks were not selected. If you check the production stage from their Indiegogo page, they are producing GameShells but not yet shipping. So if you select a perk, it will be shipped during the estimated delivery (April 2018) unless if future delays during production/shipping occur.

Thanks so much! I was just hesitant on actually purchasing it because I know products sometimes never ending up being shipped at all

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That’s one of the things I’ve liked about how clockwork handled the campaigns for GameShell, they didn’t try to promise quick shipping and gave themselves until April to get them all sent. Lots of products that don’t ship are because they were too ambitious and didn’t consider how long complications can drag out the shipping process. This discourages backers and when they all demand refunds, there’s less and less money to handle whatever issue is delaying the product. Telling your customer base upfront that it will take time to mass produce and ship is better for keeping everyone happy rather than indefinitely adding delays.

So you’re confident that if I order it I will get it? Eventually at least?

Confident enough that I bought one myself. If you find comfort in numbers, ~2700 other people also were confident enough to buy one, and they have over 500% of their target goal to make GameShell.

Also, the innovation GameShell is bringing to the table is simplicity and convenience to existing solutions. They already had working prototypes, so right now their most difficult hurdle is mass producing and shipping them, which they now have ample funds to do so.

Thanks so much again! I’m gonna order one now! :smiley:

Awesome! If you have something cool you’re going to use your’s for or have a game you want to make on it, I have two threads I made for those topics:

Fair enough. I didn’t see that was an option. but that’s my fault for not looking hard enough, I guess.

It wasn’t immediately obvious, you had to poke around the page to find the link to the Indiegogo page. I just wanted to make sure people knew it was legitimate.