Looking for a good spot to download roms


Noob here. Couldn’t find a post relating to a good spot to find Roms. Specifically Pokémon roms at the moment. Any go to websites you guys are using? Thanks in advanced!


Sharing that sort of info is not permitted, your best bet is google

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  1. Get an ounce of basil, a strand of blonde hair (real blonde, bleached won’t work), a cockroach jawbone and a can of lemon fresh bathroom spray
  2. Go to your bathroom at 3am at a full moon night, put a piece of toilet paper into your sink and put the basil, the hair and the jawbone on it
  3. Burn everything while repeatedly chanting “Zalgo!”
  4. Look into the mirror - an URL will appear on the wall behind you: Here you’ll find the roms
  5. (optional) use the bathroom spray to remove the nasty burn smells

As long as you already own a copy of the game you want, it’s okay to download a ROM from the interwebs. We are not able to share that info on this forum. Your best bet would be to try Reddit or Google as mentioned above, just be wary as many ROM downloads can and will include viruses in the background if you are not careful (do NOT open anything ending in .exe unless you are sure).

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heard. appreciate that.

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