Porting games to the GameShell

Hey everyone,
I used to be an indie developer and was wondering what it would take to port some of my games to the GameShell.
All my games are made with Game Maker Studio, which can export games to Ubuntu. Now I’m absolutely no Linux expert, so I don’t know if it would be possible to run one of my games on the GS.
Has anyone here tried something similar?

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There are some examples on the forum. I’m honestly not sure on how to port games although I’ve tried to do that myself. I know of a few examples though. Try looking up Hydra Castle Labyrinth and Powder.

Unfortunately both the VM and YCC options won’t work on ARM, which the Gameshell’s CPU is based on, which sort of throws the idea of compiling GameMaker games out of the window.

There is however an open source project that is compatible with some of GM’s API, ENIGMA, perhaps it could be possible to get some game ported to ENIGMA, and then through the use of a terminal compile a project on the CPI with ENIGMA.

As of yet though I haven’t tried it myself.

Thanks for your detailed reply, I hadn’t heard of Enigma before, it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have a look if I can get a small project running through Enigma before trying some bigger games.

If you can get something to run on the GS in the meantime, be sure to let me know. :slight_smile: