Screen tearing / Performance issues?


I’ve been deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on the GameShell, and one of the only things keeping me from doing so is that there’s a lot of reported screen tearing and some slowdown in games. Can anyone speak to whether or not this has been resolved? Thanks!

Personally the only screen tearing issue I had is with PS1 games and on some MAME or FBA arcade games but I also have many RPI3 devices equipped with different screens that do the same thing. Other platform may have some tearing here and there but I have not noticed it while playing. For slow downs, well it depends on the emulator and what you expect out of the device.

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Your English is very good, don’t be sorry :slight_smile:

I’ve experienced screen tearing on all emulators and programs. The FW on my machine is 0.21. I’ve read posts from those who’ve upgraded to 0.3 that state the tearing is fixed BUT you’ll have to put up with bugs as 0.3 is still unstable.

I have had my GameShell since Kickstarter shipped. Haven’t had screen tearing that I’ve noticed, anyway. Running 0.21 with RA 1.7.7

I don’t use stand-alone emulators I use RA cores

And now I can confirm: updating to o.3 and changing the driver to lima fixes screen tearing. Now I just have to set everything back up.

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I’m so stoked for 0.3 to be :100: stable

If I have the newest firmware, and Lima selected instead of fbturbo, should I still see screen tearing? I get a lot of it in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night using PCSX. I’m not sure where to trouble shoot that, would that be something I can fix?

I can confirm that I still get unsolvable screen tearing in 0.3 with Lima, but only on the top of the screen. Still pretty noticeable, though. I can confirm others have the same problem as me. Was actually surprised to see people that report no screen tearing at all.

I just got my Gameshell. I feel slightly disappointed. I have updated to .3 and changed to the Lima driver. After I did that I had an issue with RetroArch not loading correctly because I read in another post that you can’t use the app you have to use the Standalone cores through the Gameshell to be able to use the Lima video driver and have Vsync on. There is horrible screen tearing in Circle of the Moon on the MGBA emulator through RetroArch. With Vsync on with the FBturbo driver and with Vsync off with the Lima driver. I get that things aren’t going to just work always but this seems like there has been a lack of updates from Clockwork.

Did you fix the problem? I’ve noticed some have the problem some don’t. Maybe if cable wasn’t put in properly? Or just some hardware is faulty?

That was a post from a very long time ago. Most of the newer OS’s including custom ones have addresses this problem.