Shipment has started!


Mine too image


Does this status code mean that it is ready to be shipped from the China warehouse to the Netherlands or that it has arrived in the Netherlands and is ready for further shipment?


It think option 2 as @yong indicated it was already enroute from Hong Kong to AMS if memory serves me right…


That mean they are at PostNL warehouse in NL, but does not mean they are going to leave today


USA here. Still waiting for my tracking number.


you need to contact Clockwork :wink:


I think it is still in China. I live in NL and it certainly would have been shipped to NL addressees if the product was here.


Well my experience using PostNL to receive thing from China, when the tracking wake up like that it is either that the parcel is in NL (not necessarily in warehouse, that can be in custom) or that it is going to arrive very soon there.

The tracking is really from the NL warehouse to us, it does not track china to NL


As also said in the chat:

I’ve contacted PostNL through Facebook, they usually respond within a couple of hours. I let you guys know if i have any info!


Nice. I’m from NL as well, so if it is actually in a warehouse here we’d get it pretty soon.


Just got “Information received” yesterday on shipment tracker (Thailand). Very weird that shipment to Thailand from China takes more time than delivery to Netherlands.


They answered this: Hi Stephan. I’ve looked for you. I can not trace this code yet. This means that the package is not yet in the Netherlands or has not yet been processed. I advise you to wait a few more days and keep an eye on Greetings, Helma


indiegogo backers haven’t yet received the shipping email.


I am a IGG backer as well and did get my number. Earlier this week @yong informed us that it was dependent on your backing number if you are in shipment 1 or 2. If in doubt send them an email at the email earlier in the thread.


Good luck IGG backers! Im from KS and im waiting!


A ver, no te flipes que yo soy de IGG y hasta el 400 y pico dijeron que tanto los de KS y los IGG ya van en el mismo batch, por lo que me va a llegar a mi a la vez que a uno que haya apoyado el primer día, aunque yo lo apoyase meses mas tarde.
Yo tengo ahora mismo el mismo estado en el pedido que el pantallazo que tu pusiste el otro día. O sea que no depende para nada de la “suerte” para los de IGG por tu ser del KS.


Same here, also awaiting shipping #


Guys, are you also having tracking number statement ‘The item is ready for shipment’ for 7 days already?


Yup! Everyone in Europe has that, at least.


On my mobile it states delivered… not sure where then… for sure it is not at my house :wink:

UPDATE: Called postnl, it is still in transit and not in the delivery proces. They have not received the shipment yet.