Slackware image for DevTerm R01

May I ask what programs you are running in those screenshots?


The first status monitor (upper-right in the first screenshot) is gkrellm, using the config that that comes with the cpi user in the official image (and in this one), though I tweaked the font. It’s nice, it’s even got a network mode so that you can monitor remote systems with it (gkrellmd and gkrellm -s $other_machine). The one on the right side of the second screenshot is conky. conky is a little strange and takes a minute to configure, but it is more flexible overall (and since it draws to the root window, it plays a little nicer with ratpoison). I’m using it on the DevTerms/uConsole because it’s a little easier to incorporate random shell scripts in them, so I can call a script that gives the battery info or backlight level. The terminal emulators are all urxvt.

The stuff running on the left in the second screenshot is all Plan 9 stuff, the window is a drawterm window talking the a Plan 9 box. stats is pretty similar to gkrellm (and is monitoring the Plan 9 machine rather than the DevTerm), ip/gping in the lower-left is just a graphical ping that I was using to fill the screenshot. The P9P stuff included in the image has a port of stats, but it looks like some of the text is a little glitchy. (Maybe a P9P bug, maybe a portability bug, no telling.) Here’s a screenshot with an oversized stats window on the left (stats -lmEsi, though the syscall counter doesn’t work on Linux), netsurf-gtk2 viewing an on-device wiki in the upper right (I have been running AwkiAwki on the DevTerm because it’s very fast, so it’s easy for taking notes and then sharing them with anyone on the LAN), and then nethack in the lower-right. gping isn’t included in P9P, but you need root to make ICMP packets in Linux anyway.

A lot of the stuff I do with the DevTerm is remote: either drawterm to talk to Plan 9 or ssh to talk to a Linux machine. Ironically, because a regular browser is nearly impossible to cope with on the R01, the R01 feels like a bigger world than the A06.

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