Suggestions for a podcast player?

I found an app called castget for downloading episodes of podcasts based on a configuration file. MP3 files are downloaded and put into a directory of choice. I put them in a subfolder of the music directory so I can play them through the music player. :slightly_smiling_face: It works, but if I exit out of the music app, my position is lost.

Has anyone else tried to use their GameShell for podcasts? I was curious what solutions people might have come up with, whether it involved a different player, a way to set the music player to save playback positions on exit, or some other solution.

What would be really wonderful is if there were an mpd client that saved the positions of multiple files individually, and then resumed where they are left off when the files continue to be played. That way, I could listen to multiple episodes at different times. :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually was looking into this myself, and found some info following this train of thought:

Alternatively, since it allows you stream music to it, you can also use say, your phone, and use the Gameshell as a wireless audio streaming device.

The problem with what they’re suggesting in this thread is that this doesn’t preserve file seek position between sessions of having the music player open. I’d also need to have a daemon to save the positions to a file or something using a command like in this thread, and then restore song position on client load using mpc seek <time>. This would all require modifying the music client or writing a new one, though…

The reason I want to go this route as opposed to streaming music to my GameShell is that the GameShell’s storage is much larger, meaning that I could download episodes in bulk ahead of time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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