The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



I HAVE MOVEMENT! Everything about it arriving at the acceptance centre has been removed and now it shows it’s been pre-advised from today’s date. I’m unsure what this means exactly but I’m ever hopeful! Nothing on RM as yet.


Update here as well! It’s coming home!


Updated here as well. Hope to see this console next week! Time to search for batteries.


I think that mean that PostNL have just heard about the parcel and they are waiting for more detail about how and when to collect it”

Aka: “a ticket with that tracking number has just been edited”


Thanks for peeing on everyone’s barbecue @Godzil :joy:


I’m not saying it is a bad thing.

Having that event sounds like the parcel is going to be back on movement!


Could we use the old flat Samsung battery in its place?


Mine has also finally shown some “movement” for the first time since July 12. This is a good thing! :smile:


So, its not moved forwards or backwards. More like to the side…


@yong I know we’ve had an ambiguous update on PostNL website when we track but have you had any updates from them specifically on how they’ve been getting on removing the batteries and with any timelines? Thanks.


If anyone assumed on the “UK pallet” receives their parcel, please let the rest of us know.

I haven’t had any updates since Thursday morning, which was just a new " The transport of the shipment item has started".


I’m the same as you. I’ve asked Yong for an update but it can be seen above that I’ve yet to have a reply. I hope they come soon!


I recently bought an Odroid-Go, which shipped from s. Korea to the UK. That contained a battery, and you may already know, the Odroid-Go is a self-assembly kit, so the battery was not already connected. There were no problems whatsoever involved in getting it delivered (took about a week from placement of order). It was sent by FedEx.

So why are the NL customs getting so precious about the battery?


Yknow, it would be really nice if you could keep backers updated via the Kickstarter mailing list, as I’m certain there’s enough backers who are missing their parcel, who have been unaware of the battery problem because it’s on a forum…

…Like myself. I’ve come into this forum today to find this has been going on for several days.


We need an update, this situation is riddiculous now! My parcel hasn’t moved since July! I received an email from you last week to say that PostNL are not sending our parcels back to HK.

What’s the latest from PostNL? When should us from the UK receive ours. I think we’ve been patient so far!


It’s not GameShell’s fault.

And: There is an update what is hapenning. Just read the updates posted on here.

The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel?


Let’s not get into a back and forth battle here.

@yong if you could provide any sort of update on the batteries being removed that would be appreciated. Thanks.


Post NL also sent many other pallets on with the same issue as this one. That would point to this pallet being held as a result of a spot check noticing that there were unconnected batteries.


I’ve given up on checking the updates and am just waiting for the first folks here to report their package arriving.


The last update I had from Yong via email.

"We had reached agreement with PostNL, they will not send the parcel back to HK.

This week they should finish destroying the batteries and send your parcel to UK.