The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



I hate to say, but it kinda is. They sent out these kits, without checking that they would be accepted into the countries to which they were sent. We backed them, sure, we should have expected this, but since they’re the manufacturer and supplier, well, it’s something they should have been aware of, and warned UK backers that what we got would either have to come without a battery, or with the battery pre assembled.

What is their fault also, is not sending out timely emails via Kickstarter, updating on the situation. It’s not fair that backers have to go hunting for the answers in forums, when the lines of communication between backer and supplier are always supposed to be open.


I have had no such email update.


It’s also my understanding that this forum was set up by a backer, and not by ClockworkPi themselves. Is this correct? Because if so, the excuse that “but there is a forum to keep track of it” doesn’t wash. If it wasn’t instigated by ClockworkPi, but by a backer, it’s not an official channel.

Look I understand that these are circumstances somewhat out of their control, but they’re not doing a particularly good job of being transparent if the only way we even knew about it is via a backer-led forum.


Everything you have said has been outlined enough in this thread and others so there’s no need to recast them. I’m sure lessons have been learnt here so instead of rehashing everything lets focus on the end result and assist where we can.


I actually emailed hello@clockwork
And that’s what Yong replied back to me.

No need for such attitude.

We are all in the same situation. It’s not easy but nothing we can!


Ok to make things clear.

The situation is not Clockwork’s fault. They packaged properly the battery and even got certification for it.

I don’t know what the NL custom have in head but as far as I know, Clockwork have done their job properly.

The next one who whine about clockwork not caring about us or any type of FUD will get their post lock and a warning.

This topic or this forum are not there for spreading such informations.

This is Clockwork’s official forum, even if community driven, I will not tolerate such comportment.

All you’ve been warned, next time will not be a warning.


The swedish carrier has got the information so now I can track the information from “PostNord” anyway.
Getting excited!

2018-08-16 05:05
The transport of the shipment item has started

edit: FYI, the update is not shown on the postnl website but it is at the 17track… and the swedish carriers app.


Lucky you. Royal Mail in the UK haven’t heard of mine yet :frowning:


Excuse me? Who said they don’t care?

Also, threatening to ban people for complaining? Literally the first post of this forum states that was its purpose.


Obviously if you ban backers from this forum then they definitely won’t hear the how this case is developing. So, that won’t help anyone, will it?

We’ve got a right to complain. I was hoping I was constructively suggesting that ClockworkPi did everything that is in their power to ensure every delayed backer is fully aware. You could be petty an officious about it if you like, but that’s awfully counterproductive.

And no, ClockworkPi did not package the product
correctly in accordance with postage requirements for the UK. Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking here. CWP are not entirely to blame, but there is some blame that they should accept.

This is fast become the new Vega+, with self appointed guardians of the conversation knocking about here.

Go ahead, ban me if you want, if only so no-one gets to see what I’ve said in reply. Not sure there’s much constructive going on here. And I’m certainly not on board with anyone insisting on buying a new battery from elsewhere, at their own expense, “to save CWP the time and expense”.

Forum is fast filling up with sycophants who won’t let anyone dare to criticise the way this has been handled, if you ask me.


No attitude. Just stating that I’ve not had an email.


Assist in what way, though? I don’t need to worry about helping, just getting timely information about the issue. I’ve been laboriously scrolling through hundreds of forum posts, to get an idea on what’s been going on. Like I said, if this was summarised in a Kickstarter email I’m sure there would be no need to convene in a forum.


Ugh. It’s all explained in one of the last posts from yong here.

You’re complaining about ‘no time frame given’ -> there is one. about a week and then the packages get into shipping again.

Just stop asking for an update - there is no need for one:

’PostNL are starting to destroy our batteries now, they may send out finished parcels in the same time. So I hope some lucky fellows could receive it as early as this week. They promised to finish processing the parcels by this week, so everyone should receive their GameShell next week.'
- yong, last week.

So you should get yours this week if all get’s like it’s supposed to be.

Sorry, but it’s really annoying to me.


Assist in anything they might need help with - not that they’ve ever asked. Not complaining about things that have been spoken about so many times already is something you can assist with. As I said before there have been shortcomings from CPW and PostNL and we agree with you on them but all you’re doing is causing unsettlement in the forum when it had become settled. You’re just making things difficult for yourself and others.

Also on the battery issue and purchasing one yourself, you’ll see in posts by Yong that they’re looking at alternative options on getting us a battery and people saying they’d just buy one is just because they’re nice people. Plus you’ll need to buy one anyway because it’s battery will run for a couple of hours continuous only. Again, yes it would be nice for you to have this in a shiny email but it would be nice we had the Gameshells already so…

If you have any questions then please ask in a polite manner else please don’t post anything. We’re a community and we’ll help you with whatever questions you have.

Also you can’t have hashtags like that in the your profile banner. It’s offensive and you’ll likely get banned for that.


That profile populated from my twitter. Didn’t know that it had gone in.

Other than that, where have I been impolite?


@yong Has there been any update from PostNL? I hate to sound like I’m telling you how to do your job here but I hope you are contacting them frequently. I have had bad experiences with couriers myself and most of them wish you would go away and leave them alone so they can do nothing. It is unacceptable that this has gone on for well over a month at this stage. It doesn’t take that long to open packages and destroy batteries, for heaven’s sake. Do you have any evidence that they actually have our packages or have they “lost” them?


I think your moderation of this forum and thread is becoming too heavy handed if you threaten to take action against users who are simply ‘whining’ while still posting within the confines of the rules (not lying, not being rude, etc.). We should be allowed to voice our complaints here without threat from moderators. If you disagree with those complaints, you can / should note it in the thread, but to threaten to remove posts from people who are actively contributing to this threads conversation about shipping is not cool and doesn’t encourage open discussion.

I actually think those kinds of post-removal threats make the company (Clockwork) look really bad also, like they’re encouraging you to remove information which makes them look bad. I’m definitely not implying that’s the case here - I don’t think it is at all - I just think prospective customers might come here, see you threatening to remove posts ‘complaining’ about the product, and have that negatively influence their decision to buy the product.

I’m shocked to see such behavior / threats from moderators here, and I think it doesn’t bode well for the forum or company in the future if it becomes commonplace.


I’d agree with the above, unless a post/user is explicitly breaking forum rules then banning/deleting seems quite heavy handed.


How about let this topic be for what it is: Information from CPI about the current status of the remaining shipments that are stuck in customs.

It’s hard for new forum members to figure out what’s going on if there are so many posts, where people are only complaining about something, that isn’t even a fact.


@mccarthy @TriOptimum - Nothing in that post you’ve replied to states that comments will be removed or have been removed so you’re being shocked at your own conclusion which is inaccurate. Also it doesn’t say anything about anyone being banned. It specifically states that the post will be locked down meaning no-one can comment again and says you will get a warning NOT a ban. It’s not heavy handed and that reply doesn’t just cover the posts over the past couple of days but posts over the past couple of months in this and other threads about saying CW don’t care when they do amongst other negative things. It’s tiresome and boring, we’ve heard it before. Multiple times in fact.

Now lets all stop making things worse because this is supposed to be a community. We’re all in the same boat awaiting answers and the questions have been asked numerous times so lets see what comes out of it. If you want to complain then email otherwise unless you have something that hasn’t been said before to say then don’t say anything.


It saddens me that you guys are derailing this thread.
It saddens me that there has been no new news from either post nl or clockwork.
It saddens me that it’s been a week since we got news that they will start destroying the batteries, but have yet to see any movement on the shipping part.
It saddens me that I don’t have my gameshell yet.

It saddens me that it’s mid August, almost September and i can almost feel autumn and winter knocking at my doors, and I am still waiting here patiently while still not knowing if what we know so far is even true. I had multiple projects which either failed to deliver (and ran with the money) or they sent it later than originally expected, but it has never happened to me to have a package stuck in customs for such a huge amount of time. A month and a few weeks spent just in customs…