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Beautiful poem :joy:. I think you speak for many when you say these things and all of it’s true. I joked one time that when I moved house in a few months (few months at that time) in October that I’d hope to have my GS by then. It’s mad to think that’s a possibility based on what’s happened even though I was kidding.

Hopefully CW get back to us soon. I’ve emailed them and tagged them numerous times but am awaiting a response still. We’ll just have to wait and see.


I read that as threatening a ban.

I don’t think the user’s comments were constructive, but not enough for ‘more than a warning’. It would be nice to get some clarity on what that means if not a ban.

Like others, I don’t want to have the thread derailed.

It’s understandable that people are frustrated, it’s understandable that people are venting their frustrations (whether or not that is constructive is of course debatable), I don’t think it’s understandable that venting frustration is met with ‘more than a warning’ when no forum guidelines have been breached (am happy to be corrected on that).


Agreed its not probably not explained clearly but we’ve all been warned that if we continue then it wont just be a spoken warning but an actual system warning is how I understood it. I dont know how the system works in terms of warnings or bans but is Godzil meant ban then a ban would have been said. If a ban was said then I would agree that would be too much.

I think we should just all move on from the situation and await the replies of Clockwork. What was said was said but we can forget about it now and all be friends in the wolf pack :joy:


Agreed on all points!

But we can still gang up on PostNL right? :wink:


%<"( YEAH! Haha. No point though as they reply with no info that’s helpful at all. Messaged then today just to chance in and they said they have nininfi and to contact sender. Same old from them.


Don’t want to be that guy but… Are we sure we can trust what we’ve been told by PostNL, hence ClockworkPI?


After chasing our shipping company for an update since last weekend. We were very sad to be told that PostNL need another week to finish destroying our batteries, so by this Friday they “should” finish processing our parcels and start shipping next week. Again, there is no official timeline from PostNL directly, we will just have to wait again for a few more days to see if it is true this time.
It saddens me that we have no other options but to wait again.
It saddens me that I have to be the one to bring you all these bad news.
It saddens me that we have to deal with this untrustworthy shipping company until this crisis ends.


The message on top was a warning. What will not be a warning is to lock a post.

I never talk about banning, but please don’t try to test if the moderation will act or not. Our role as moderator is to keep the forum a friendly place, certain things aren’t not welcome here even if not directly written in the rules.

Thanks @yong for the update, I hope they will not need one more week for that :confused:


What I don’t understand and what irks me, is that shipping the parcels and destroying the batteries are two separate actions. Actually removing the batteries and sending the parcels on should only take a matter of hours. Destroying the batteries is a separate issue but shouldn’t impose on sending the now safe parcels.


In that case I’m happy to be corrected that what I read as a ban-threat was not.

I’m sure you can understand @TriOptimum’s point that silencing people who are frustrated with the service can make Clockwork look bad.

It also speaks volumes for the community how many other forum users were quick to defend Clockwork in this scenario. I think we can all agree that we want to keep the community such a friendly place.


Happy anniversary to my package

2 months from being at the shippers warehouse to somewhere in deepest Amsterdam… Here’s hoping I receive it before it makes 3 months :smile:


If you want to speak about frustration about not getting (yet) the gameshell, I would recommend to see WHO created that topic at first…

And the comparison with the Droid-Go and the Gameshell is incorrect. The droidgos are sent individually, so there a way less chance of inspection like for Gameshell palette that has been stopped.

I still say that the packaging of Clockwork should comply with the regulation, the battery was properly packaged (for a battery NOT installed in a device) with proper padding around and as far as I can say, the had also compliance certification for the battery.

I think that NL Custom just had their “quota” of thing to block, we were just unlucky.

UPS Document on how to ship battery:

When shipping almost any battery, you must protect all terminals against short circuits that can result in fires. Protect terminals by completely covering them with an insulating, non-conductive material (e.g., using electrical tape or enclosing each battery separately in a plastic bag), or packing each battery in fully enclosed inner packaging to ensure exposed terminals are protected.
Package the batteries to keep them from being crushed or damaged, and to keep them from shifting during handling.
• Always keep metal objects or other materials that can short circuit battery terminals away from the batteries (e.g., using a separate inner box for the batteries).

Look at the packaging, it comply with ALL of theses points.
The only thing I can see which would be missing is the “CAUTION” sticker that have to be put on the parcel. I don’t know if it was there, and if it is missing that is the shipping company fault, not Clockwork.

@yong / @hal haven’t answered on that point, but I don’t know if they knows about it.

Another document from DHL here (UN3481 - PI966):

My only “fear” is only about the label which could be missing.


I’m not sure how who created the thread is relevant to my post.


Except Clockwork didn’t send them via UPS or DHL, they chose to send them with PostNL, who have a different set of rules, which they didn’t follow.

  • Batteries and cells that are not inserted in a device and loose batteries/cells are not allowed to be sent.

The batteries weren’t inserted into a device, therefore breaking PostNL’s rules.


The way clockworkpi choose to resolve this issue sadens me. If the vision for clockworkpi was to create a large thriving community of passionate developers they would solve this a long time ago by shipping new gameshells expressshipping to the ones where shipping failed. Losing earlyadopters and developers soul and passion might be a blow they never recover from.

The question that I ask my self is why should I put passion into Gameshell if clockwork does not? The strategy seams to me to do one kickstarter and then nothing more… SAD


First of all, they don’t have any extra Gameshells lying around at the moment, the first production run was to fulfil the Kickstarter and Indiegogo pre-orders. Secondly the shipping hasn’t failed (yet), it’s merely delayed (admittedly a long time, but still only delayed). It wouldn’t make much sense for them to send every person from this pallet a free second Gameshell to make up for the first one which would eventually make its way to you anyway.

And finally, it wouldn’t be logical to send out a second batch until they knew precisely why the first batch encountered these problems, otherwise who’s to say it won’t happen again?


Well… not doing a second batch is your answer. As I understood it clockworkpi had the option to have the gameshell returned. The reason for not passing postnl have been known a long time now and there is no progress. No emails to customers.


Personally I think the whole pallet was damaged and PostNL are simply stalling for time rather than admit they have damaged them, meanwhile we are still waiting in vein for our packages that should have been delivered months ago.

Why were they sent with “loose” battery’s when it is against PostNLs rules? Why did clockwork choose the worst, most incompetent logistics service in Europe?

All this waiting around without any real answers has significantly curbed my enthusiasm for this whole project. I just want what I helped pay for, if I ever get my “games hell” I’ll leave it on the shelf as a bitter reminder not to trust Clockwork ever again.

It least my other handheld its on its way, the Retrostone.


Why did clockwork choose the worst, most incompetent logistics service in Europe?

They probably didn’t. Its much more likely they just went to a broker and said “We have 10,000 parcels to send, give us a price”. Note they always talk about a shipping partner not PostNL.


Yes, I believe CW approached a shipping partner as they were the ones to package things up and apply the labels and sent out the reference numbers. So the shipping partner probably picked PostNL who has less than 1 star on Trustpilot.

Despite their review status I found some comments form employees interesting: