Display cable (40 pin FFC) as replacement part?

I accidently destroyed my display cable (40 pin FFC) with a cutter. Is there a chance to order a replacement part (to Germany)?

edit 28.07.2018 22:05:
I think I’ll try this one: FFC-B-40Pin-0-5Pitch-5cm-Flachbandkabel-Flat-Ribbon-Cable-Banana-PI-Flex-Kabel

It’s 2cm shorter, but I’ll give it a try.

Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge plasma screen went black and never came back; no pun intended. On advice from a friend, instead of replacing the whole display panel/PDP module(S42AX-YB01) I was told that more than likely the culprit would be the a ribbon cable. More specifically, the top ribbon cable on the Upper Y buffer board which is located in the upper left quadrant if looking at it from behind. I just took all of the backing of the tv off to access the cable and this is where the issue lies.

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