DistroIdea: Gentoo for R-01

I was wondering, if using Gentoo for the R-01 would be a good idea?

The thinking:

  • Gentoo builds their apps from source
  • apps for the RISCV need to be re-compiled anyhow (if I am correct)
  • this way “only” the OS needs to be adapted (which is already a work in progress)

I am not knowledgeable enough to know the answer, so I ask the experts.

There is a related topic discussing the Rebuild of an OS for the R-01, but I didn’t want to pollute the technical discussion over there.

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Gentoo is designed to be compiled/recompiled by the end user.

compiling 99% of the time.
actually using the devterm 1% of the time.

sounds fun. :rofl:

I use Gentoo on my A06 and so far did not compile a single package on the DevTerm itself. I cross compile all the pkgs on my x86_64 workstation. I guess the same approach could be used for R-01.

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risc-v: running Gentoo on Allwinner D1 NeZha riscv64 board
→ Allwinner NeZha D1
→ Installing Gentoo


Sounds awesome !

But, wouldn‘t it make sense to make a public repo for these things?
The hardware remains the same for everyone and so we wouldn’t need to compile everything by everyone?

Awesome links @emutyworks !
I will definitely try this, once I get mine :heart:

I’m working on installing it now, I have the kernel compiled. I’m working on getting my boot sector together but I’m running into the efi variables not supported issue so I’m having to recompile the kernel for the packaged imaged to get one freakin module so I can use insmod to load it (efivarfs) and then I should be able to wrap it up


Hey @Bob_Dobalina_f , any progress you can share?

And can anyone help me to understand, if a repo for compiled Programms for the R01 would be a good/bad idea?

We have a fixed set of hardware. We could tailor the compile process to this device and make it an extremely well optimised and supported platform - regarding the apps situation.