Extra steps lead to possible kernel rebuilding

Hello all.

I have decided to embark on a project simple in theory yet complicated in execution. In attempting to execute the procedures, it was noticed during a required NAT masquerading command that my kernel has no detected modules for this build of the OS; Consequently, ip_tables.ko (ie. iptables) was missing, causing my project to come to a halt.

Modprobe and depmod aren’t working, my kernel apparently has no modules according to lsmod, and iptables is telling me there’s no table named nat and that I may need to implement this into the kernel or use insmod.

I’m stumped. After a day of googling, I was unable to find a solution to my problem and left me further from my goal than when I started.

The premise of the project is to use bridge-utils (which no longer works!) to bridge traffic from wlan1 (a virtual AP) to wlan0 simultaneously on phy0… Therefore, using the onboard wifi as an access point while still communicating with the host wifi; allowing dnsmasq to redirect specific traffic to a website running on the device through apache2. (There’s also IRC)

I was wondering mainly, how to either jerry rig modprobe to pull from the directory where there are kernel modules (I was told this wouldn’t work), or rebuild the kernel if required, in order to enable iptables required for this project. (That is a lot of work for something seemingly so small)

I am using the image that came preloaded on the chip that was already in my mainboard when I purchased the device from the company site.


Thankyou for your swift reply, however that doesn’t really answer the question albeit I don’t fully understand kernels or even the difference between the kernel and DEOT / Clockwork OS. I’ve ordered myself a larger Micro SD card, for now I’m holding off on any projects until I load:
I feel like this might have what I’m looking for as I have absolutely no idea how to implement what I need through building a kernel directly.

you try to build kernel on gameshell?

try rebuild kernel yourself with these options enabled :

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