uConsole has no wifi network card

after I got a replacement for a broken display, I was now able to install stock raspberry pi OS and the one given from clockworkpi. Both boot up fine, but they are not showing any wifi ethernet hardware (as I am used with other linux distros). It looks like the hardware is not detected (“ip a” shows only eth0). I am using a 16GB, eMMC lite version of the CM4 module (without built in wifi). I also tried to plugin some random wifi stick I found, but that does also not bring up anything. What can I do?
Thanks upfront!

Same thing: CM4 with emmc and without buit-in wifi. Have TP-Link WiFi stick, and to make it working I have downloaded and compiled rtl8192eu driver from here: GitHub - Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver: Drivers for the rtl8192eu chipset for wireless adapters (D-Link DWA-131 rev E1 included!)

You need either setup your own wifi stick with correct driver that already present, or download and compile appropriate 3rd party driver. As soon as your wifi stick was not detected automatically, you should consider 2nd option. To find out model of your stick run “lsusb” command from console and check the respective output line.

Thanks for your answer! That’s a bummer, I hoped it somehow works out of the box. Maybe a misunderstanding, I thought the mainboard/case provides a Wifi Card (as I have the version with GPS/LTE). Would I need to buy the module with included Wifi, instead of the light version.

I have looked in the past but been unable to locate the wifi driver used with the CM3 module. It uses the wifi on the main board.

If you could that, I definitely would do it, as then you can get the 8GB without eMMC (I understand this ones are a bit harder to flash than just simply removing SD), and WiFI.

Unfortunately that’s a hardware limitation with the CM4 adapter, and that’s the reason why they bundle the CM4 Lite version with onboard WiFi. It doesn’t provide the pins for connecting to the ClockworkPi mainboard’s WiFi module. See: How to enable the AP6256 on the main board - #7 by ClockworkBird

On the bright side, the WiFi antenna they include isn’t great, so you might see better performance with a USB adapter.

Uh oh - that was not clear for me when ordering :frowning: As product spec on first sight says there is built in wifi adapter. Will need to check which adapter works and does not stick out too much. Actually there is enough space in the case, would be cool to add it internally…

Just a head’s up that the case is metal and will interfere with reception unless you find an adapter that you can hook up to an external antenna.