For anyone wondering, reTerminal is in stock in CM4108032 variant

I ordered uConsole 4g.wifi / non-cm4
the idea was to either

  1. wait on for a cm4108000 or cm4108032 to show up and order as fast as i can
  2. buy from aliexpress from high score stores such as geekpi
  3. buy embedded pi projects directly from supplier

While browsing i found the reTerminal was available with less than 10 units on stock, so I grabbed one.

I just got the CM4108032 variant, which will arrive in max 12 days via Fedex. (CM4104032 variant is on backorder)

So i get to have a cm4 linux terminal specialized in IoT with full set of GPIO to play around while my cyberpunk fever dream fantasy console livecoding machine is being summoned in the volcanic womb of Mordor in who knows when (order no. 223XX).

I wouldn’t say it is cheaper than trying to get a CM4108032 from Aliexpress but at least is an official vendor and not a reseller.

Here, link:

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This is what I use mine for now.

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