How to backup game saves files to transfert to another Gameshell?

Hello community, I would like to know how to backup games saves data in Retroarch to transfer it to another clockwork os system so that I can continue my game on another Gameshell console? Thank you.

Hi Julien, welcome to the community!

One way of doing it is to connect using sftp / filezilla, copy the files (in $HOME) to your computer then copy them back to your other gameshell. You might have to be more specific about what you want to copy if you want to selectivly do so (for example if you don’t want to copy some of the config, and only the ROMs and saves?).

A neat trick I found is (a little more complicated) : to install on both gameshells then connect them together and have them sync the save data over the network. If you want the sync to happen without having the two devices turned on at the same time, you need a third device in the sync (a computer or a NAS)…