How to change LightKey binding?

I have to highly recommend the LightKey. With its angled design it’s super comfortable to use. Now, there is an issue though: when I’m playing freeDoom the key LK2 / PgUp moves the player to the right, but it is on the left of the LightKey. LK4 is on the right but moves the player to the left.

The launcher now has now the possibility to change the ABXY buttons between Xbox and Nintendo-style, but there is no possibility to adjust the LightKey buttons.

Is there a way via a SSH connection?


You could change the keys in the arduino code and reflash the keypad

Yeah. But I do not have a cable with the corresponding connector to connect to ISP. Furthermore, it’s correct in the emulators (only tested with GBA so far). Guess it’s only freeDoom that is the other way round.

You don´t need one the keypad has a usb connector like a good ol’ arduino.

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Say what? How did I miss that during assembly? Thanks for letting me know

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Did you figure out how to fix Doom?

Anyone figure this out yet?

You can edit the ~/.chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom.cfg file to swap ASCII codes for those actions. Perhaps also, default.cfg.


Yeah you really should make changes to the chocolate-doom.cfg instead of changing the arduino code or you’ll mess up all of your retroarch stuff.

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joystick_index -1
joystick_x_axis 0
joystick_x_invert 0
joystick_y_axis 1
joystick_y_invert 0
joystick_strafe_axis -1
joystick_strafe_invert 0
joystick_physical_button0 0
joystick_physical_button1 1
joystick_physical_button2 2
joystick_physical_button3 3
joystick_physical_button4 4
joystick_physical_button5 5
joystick_physical_button6 6
joystick_physical_button7 7
joystick_physical_button8 8
joystick_physical_button9 9
joystick_physical_button10 10
joyb_strafeleft -1
joyb_straferight -1
joyb_menu_activate -1
joyb_toggle_automap -1
joyb_prevweapon -1
joyb_nextweapon -1
mouseb_strafeleft -1
mouseb_straferight -1
mouseb_use -1
mouseb_backward -1
mouseb_prevweapon -1
mouseb_nextweapon -1
dclick_use 1
use_libsamplerate 0
libsamplerate_scale 0.650000
timidity_cfg_path “”
gus_patch_path “”
gus_ram_kb 1024
key_pause 28
key_menu_activate 1
key_menu_up 72
key_menu_down 80
key_menu_left 75
key_menu_right 77
key_menu_back 14
key_menu_forward 28
key_menu_confirm 23
key_menu_abort 22
key_menu_help 59
key_menu_save 60
key_menu_load 61
key_menu_volume 62
key_menu_detail 63
key_menu_qsave 64
key_menu_endgame 65
key_menu_messages 66
key_menu_qload 67
key_menu_quit 68
key_menu_gamma 87
key_spy 88
key_menu_incscreen 13
key_menu_decscreen 12
key_menu_screenshot 0
key_map_toggle 57
key_map_north 72
key_map_south 80
key_map_east 77
key_map_west 75
key_map_zoomin 13
key_map_zoomout 12
key_map_maxzoom 11
key_map_follow 33
key_map_grid 34
key_map_mark 50
key_map_clearmark 46
key_weapon1 2
key_weapon2 3
key_weapon3 4
key_weapon4 5
key_weapon5 6
key_weapon6 7
key_weapon7 8
key_weapon8 9
key_prevweapon 38
key_nextweapon 35
key_message_refresh 28
key_demo_quit 16
key_multi_msg 20
key_multi_msgplayer1 34
key_multi_msgplayer2 23
key_multi_msgplayer3 48
key_multi_msgplayer4 19

So, what do I change? I don’t see a key_strafe_left, key_strafe_right… I imagine it’s two of the joystick_physical_buttons, but I don’t know which ones

What do these correspond to?

joyb_strafeleft -1
joyb_straferight -1

I really like the lightkey, too. Gives extra menus when in MAME, too. Also, functions as a sort of stand to help me read the screen when I’m tinkering with SSH

What do these correspond to?

joyb_strafeleft -1
joyb_straferight -1

You’d assume which joystick button would act as strafing. But being set to -1 would mean it’s not set…

It could be joystick_strafe_invert, or joystick_physical_button#, or one of the key_s… I don’t know


Was there a solution to this? I have the same problem

What do you mean by this?

What do you mean by this ?

What are you, javascript?