How To Wear Your GameShell. Yeah, I Said WEAR

Hi GameShllers!
A guy from the crew discovered his own way of UP TOWN FUNK…
He’s been wearing his GameShell as a neck lace for ONE WHOLE WEEK :grin:

He uses the shell lock as the archor point.
But personally I’m more intrested in his fur :grin:

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I wonder when we’ll get the follow-up where the shell lock accidentally opened while he was running for the bus. ^^

I wear mine as an earring, btw., but I haven’t made any photos yet.

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Earring?! OMG you must let me see the pic!

Okay, I admit it, it was a lie! :sob:

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I see this person prefers the Xbox layout for the ABXY keys; not the old school SNES layout.
I have mixed feelings. :expressionless:

They also don’t use the silicone cable stops! Gasp! Blasphemy!

But in all seriousness, this would be a great place to put a wrist strap teather, so you don’t accidentally drop your Gameshell while on the move.

I also discovered that the Gameshell is pretty sturdy - I dropped it for the first time EVER trying to loop a dangly thing in that tiny eyelet!! Watch out! The back case is super slippery!

On a positive note, this did bring back some memories. I forgot I used to dangle charms off of my phone, bags and anything else that had a bling loop. Didn’t even think about doing this with my Gameshell!! (Now I want to play Granblue Fantasy on my Gameshell hahah!)

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And now I can’t stop thinking about how Star Fox 64 performs on your GS…

Btw. are there any plans for GameShell merchandise? Like shirts, mini GS-keychains (plot twist: they actually have a working GSnano™ in it) or cool faceplates (like the ones the Game Boy micro got)?

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The backers got shirts so they might come up in the future. I love my shirt but I think it got small (rather, I got big) :disappointed_relieved:I would love a bigger size one.

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To be honest, we don’t have spare big size T any more 'cause half of the crew… you know😭

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They’ll all come at some point. But now, we believe it’s better if we just focus on solving existing problems and issues. The crew is still small.

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The crew is small, but their shirts are large :wink:
Speaking of blingy fashion, a photo entourage of the crew all wearing their Gameshells or holding them would be great! Get to know exactly how small a team we have working so hard! The faces behind the beards so to speak!

You’re doing a great job @Veronica as the PR voice of the forum; even spicing things up with a bit of fun like this thread.

Mmmm… photo competition of crazy Gameshell wearables perhaps? :wink:

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LOL! Quite clever to use the closing ring as a strap point! :smiley:


I feel a strong need, compelled even, to add a tail to almost everything palm sized or smaller. straps and lanyards on the majority of my flash drives and such… that said, i also have a fist full of plastic headphone jack charm adapters with rings… i dont think i need to say anything more… I may not have a GS but i am definitly getting a DT… use your imaginations. :wink: