Loading the OS on a virtual machine.(virt-manager)

Can anyone help me load the image as a hard drive in virt-manager?

Are you trying to run the image as a x86 VM?

It is not going to work well if yes

No i am not trying to run it as an x86 VM i want to know what machine type i should use, kernel path,initrd path, i know the dtb path in order to get it to boot

I experimented using QEMU emulating an ARM processor. I wasn’t successful though. It needs a compatible kernel exclusively for QEMU.


Actually got it to work.
i took the original img, converted it to a qcow2(added a few extra gigabytes of space just in case i could get it to boot on its own but this is not needed)

Afterwards i made another debianARM virtual hard drive where i installed debian arm(i did not make a seperate boot partition because i find it annoying) i used virt-copy-out to take the vmlinuz and initrd.img from the debian install out(because for some reason clockworkOS.img does not contain those)

I know it is a hackjob but just dumped everything from the clockworkOS.qcow2 to the Debian.qcow2. and of course i changed /etc/fstab to this.

/dev/vda1       /       ext4    errors=remount-ro 0 1

it kinda works it seems ,all i need to do now is test it with graphics

EDIT: i do not know whether or not the permissions for cpi (user) are supposed to be this weird because of the fact that you are supposed to use an sd card.

Unable to create directory /home/cpi/.nano: Permission denied

Btw password and root password are cpi

I could probably cut some of the steps i took and this would still work


Use ‘sudo’ to write to protected directories.


Edit: Waitasec! That isn’t a protected directory! Doh! :smiley:

Could I possibly bother you to write up a quick tutorial on getting this to work? I’m mostly following along but this is a bit beyond me :grimacing:

I’d be interested in setting up a environment like this too.