DevTerm - Emulating on PC

I downloaded DevTerm_A06_v0.1.img and want to experiment with the OS on my machine instead of on the device itself. Anyone have any idea what parameters I need to put through something like QEMU?

So far I’ve tried this command, but it doesn’t seem right.

qemu-system-x86_64 "DevTerm_A06_v0.1.img",format=raw
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Yes a little bit off :wink:

First off you need to be using the correct qemu application. Since the RPi SoC is ARM architecture you need to be using qemu-system-arm and not qemu-system-x86_64. It’s been a while since I’ve run the RPi stack in qemu but here’s a good guide on getting started

Now, it’s not likely to work as-is in the aforementioned guide for emulating the devterm target b/c the “machine” in the guide being emulated is the versatilepb which is a development board built by ARM but I think it’s end of life. Anyways, strictly speaking you would want to create a “devterm”machine but that may be unnecessary for your needs. All depends on how far you want to emulate your hardware. You might be able to get away with what the guide dictates if you’re writing application code and not driver code. You’ve intrigued me with your question so I’m going to give it a try with the clockwork OS and see how far I get and get back to you…

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I’m not really sure what would be the point of “emulating” a devterm as it is “just” a linux system with nothing special in the software per-se.

Take any PC, install Ubuntu 21.03 with LXDE, and you basically have the same thing as the DevTerm.

As Penguin said without major modifications, qemu will not be able to run the image for the devterm because each ARM SoC have their own way of booting, there is no standard, and if QEMU do not support/emulate the way the Rockchip used on the A06, it will not boot.

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