Looking to sell my A06 DevTerm

I had pre-ordered the DevTerm for a fun project to get my kids into Linux and using SBCs, but they’re pretty not interested in it. Tried to convince my wife to just let me keep it, but we already have a few too many gadgets as it is.

The unit is the transparent gray back, 4gb edition. It’s been built, but used for maybe 30 minutes. All original packaging included.

I’d prefer to sell it within the US. I’m not looking to make a huge profit, just recouping my losses and covering the outgoing shipping. $350

@nontoast Would you be at all willing to ship to Canada?

As someone who hasn’t even received his A06 yet for whatever reason, I’m starting to not be excited about its arrival since it seems that it’s never coming. This post is quite sad to me.

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Kids have their own funs, just enjoy their childhood, there are too many flashy gadgets these days, not like retro look devterm has. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have a CM+lite version, and think it’s enough for me. One of the pros of A06 is that it has 5.10 kernel ready, it can do more things.

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@Petri Want to PM me your postal code and I can check what the shipping would be?

@nontoast I can’t seem to be able to DM you. Any other way I can reach out?

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Thats probably because of discourse user levels, I bumped yours to member, try now.


I got it working and PMed you!

Not sure if it’s sold yet, but would be interested.