Other resolution modes than 1280x720

I tried to mess with xrandr to add lower resolution modes in the same aspect ratio, to no avail… I always get a black screen with a white line.

Did anyone had success doing this ? Is there an hardware limitation preventing this ?

The “mode” have to match your hardware, and in this case, your DSI panel, which normally supports only one single mode. If you want to have bigger font/UI, try increase font size(CLI) or use scaling feature(X11, Wayland). There are plenty of information on the internet.

Also, I think the XY_problem exists here. Please state the root problem.

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Thank you very much for your answer. With your help I have been able to solve my issue.

As for the root of the problem, I was trying to get the old fallout 1 and 2 working through box86 + wine. It worked pretty well but only in 1280x720 and dialogs are a pain to read at this resolution with such a small screen.

Thanks to you I discovered that X11 provide scaling options and I am now able to scale down to 0.75x0.75 to fake 960x540 which is much more pleasant to the eyes. And, well, also much closer to the resolution I used to play these games 20 years ago :slight_smile: