PCSX ReARMed for GameShell

PCSX ReARMed was a revelation when it originally came out for the Pandora.

It features an ARM NEON GPU, which for the Pandora, allowed amazing performance.

I’m wicked happy to see it here as well!

A bit lost here… is this a Stand alone Version? RetroArch Core? More information would be awesome.

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a stand alone version

Download the core and drop it in the core folder in your GS, then run it in retroarch

Cant figure out how to install after downloading “PCSXR-Master” folder. Any help would be appreciated!

It is a stand alone version, the repo contains a binary as well as a logo and shell script for the launcher.

Install with

cd ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell
git clone

You’ll still need a BIOS file though:

mkdir -p ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx/bios

Transfer scph1001.bin bios file to that folder, restart the launcher and you’re done.

To update the binary in case the repo gets updated, do this:

cd ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx
git pull

When starting the emulator for the first time, you’ll want to configure the controls from the emulator menu because they aren’t setup properly yet.


Thanks man. Super helpful. Runs really well!

Hopefully there is some sort of
Volume control inplemented

How do i find that bios file? how can i get it to transfer it?

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It work! :smiley:

Anyone know where the .srm saves are stored? (if they are .srm)

Wanna transfer my FF7 file from retropie over, if I can haha

same this is where im at aswell where is this Bios file located/what command should i run to get the transfer to take place

I found the Bios File in question Jay!

i guess i cant link it in here tho jay so PM me and i can forward you the DL link if youd like!

now as far as transferring it over i managed to do it in a very roundabout way let me know if you’d like an explanation of how i did it if you cannot figure it out in a more simplistic way! I only hesitate to explain now because i know i didnt do it in the simplest way because quite simply im very new to this!

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yeah, um, you realllllly might not want to link to that file here…

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thank you for the warning link has been removed!

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I can’t help you with getting the bios file, it can be found on the interwebs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway if you have it, to get it into the correct folder, you can upload it via the network share.

It will then be in ~/games, so ssh into your Gameshell, and move the file to the correct folder like this:

mv ~/games/scph1001.bin ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx/bios

Hope that helps!


Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is an absolute MUST on the handheld.

God damn, it’s a thing of beauty. image


not sure if it’s just me or the game i selected, installed pcsx using the steps by hpcodecraft and using diablo for the psx as a test, the emulator loads, the game loads, i’ve changed the controls to match the gameshell, the game doesn’t respond to controls, after both shutdown of the emulator and restart of the system, also i loaded the bios but it also claims that isn’t setup correctly

did you tell the pcsx to save the new controller setup to the config i found that at least everytime i would restart id have to rebind untill i did this step

I’m sorry, but I really can’t follow all these fragmented instructions posted here. I’ve managed to install the stand alone app, but when I tried to download the core through the first link, I’ve noticed that it isn’t in .so format like other cores… Did I missed a passage? I’ve already got the BIOS…

Is it possible to ask if someone is willing to write a step by step tutorial in one unique post? Maybe a video tutorial? I know I sound pretty obnoxious but I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a total newbie on this kind of topic.

Thanks in advance, and cheers to all.


@wack118 yeah, first thing i did after fixing the key bindings was to save to global settings

@chunny same, I’m honestly spoiled by the retropie community for instructions…which has it’s own issues but that’s fine

i will say that @hpcodecraft was really good at summing up some instructions…which is why i’m here now i suppose

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