Need help with Ps1 emulation

I am sorry if this is a hassle but I am new to computers
I have just got my gameshell and I am enjoying it a lot, however I don’t know how ps1 emulation works
I have watched some YouTube videos but there launchers are all different than mine
They have pcsx and I have pcsx plus, not sure if there is a difference but pcsx is not responding
Btw the YouTuber is called
The Retro future

Hello there! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

What game are you trying to run? A few of them (not all) need something called a bios to run.
With the latest Gameshell os 0.5, you simply put the scph1001.bin file, or whatever your game needs in the ~/apps/emulators/bios directory.
Make sure the format of your games is ISO or BIN. Someone here was having trouble with ECM files.
See how that goes.

I think the games should be fine but my launcher just doesn’t work
Should I use pcsx rearmed on retroarch?

It’s up to you. If you do, you can create an action file that will load up the Retroarch version, and load a PSX image. But that would be practically the same thing as getting the pcsx reloaded+ standalone working, and would have similar performance.

Can you provide any more information?

  1. what OS have you installed?
  2. have you done any modifications to file names/folder locations?
  3. what does your file structure look like where you put the game image?
  4. what game image, and what is its exact file name/extension?
  5. what does the ~/apps/Menu/20_Retro Games/92_Pcsx+/action.config file look like?
  6. can you take a screen cap of what the contents of ~/apps/emulators/.pcsx looks like?
  1. I either have OS 4 or 5
    How do I check? I have the newest launcher and warehouse is available, so I am guessing I have 5
  2. I have done nothing to any of the folders or file names
  3. I apologize but I do not know what you mean by this question
  4. Not sure what this means sorry

Do I need to use a cmd to get to .pcsx? I could not find it in filezilla

  1. I think that should be OS 0.5. Although, I’m not sure what happens these days if you try and update the launcher while on OS 0.4. Did you ever flash a new OS? Or did you ever do the OS 0.4-0.5 update script? If you didn’t, you’re possibly using 0.4, with a confused updated launcher that expects OS 0.5. A few things moved around with the 0.5 update.
    In short, you might want to try flashing a proper fresh 0.5 image.
    As for how to check, go into settings>about and look at what kernel version you have. If it’s 5.3.6 or 5.4.6, you’re on OS 0.5.
  2. If you’re new to computers, I’m guessing that means you haven’t tried to modify anything just yet.
    3 and 4… I probably should have phrased it better. Sorry! Where did you put the playstation image? And what does the playstation image look like?
  3. I was hoping you’d be able to open up that action.config file to double check its contents are correct. But give point 2., I doubt you would have tinkered with it.
  4. The dot before the .pcsx makes it a hidden file. I’ve never used filezilla, so don’t know how to get it to view hidden files, but I’m guessing you can choose something in the views menu? That said, just like point 2, I’m guessing you haven’t altered any of these files. That said, it would be good to confirm that they are there, and not in another location. OS 0.5 has them in /apps/emulators. OS 0.4 has them in /launcher/
    Doing an update would change the contents of the launcher directory to look like what is expected of OS 0.5, ie nothing. A stock 0.5 image has the .pcsx file in a different location that is not present on 0.4. If you had a half modified 0.4 image, this would essentially break PCSX.
    If you haven’t done too much with your gameshell, I’d strongly recommend formatting it with a fresh 0.5 image. But if you have done a lot, I can see what I can do with helping you restore your files, if that is indeed the cause. (Tomorrow that is. It’s 3am and I probably should be in bed!)

I reflashed to 0.5 and I get the clockwork screen but then it goes black?
Is this a common issue?
Do you know how to fix this?

This is possibly the file system expansion script. Just let it do its thing twice, rebooting. You’ll have all of the available disk space useable.
Also, I’m guessing you’re not talking about PS1 emulation here, and clockwork OS in general?