Picodrive (standalone and libretro core) Mega Drive emulator

it should work, but don’t forget that the lima drivers are unstable currently so you may get varying results

You still can use standalone PicoDrive just like RetroArch. I tried with such action.config

LAUNCHER=/home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/PicoDrive/PicoDrive

quick question here… where should I put the bios files for 32X?

The BIOS location is identified in RetroArch’s configuration. You can find it at RetroArch->Settings->Directory->System/BIOS. Mine is set to /home/cpi/games/retroarch/system

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I did Las Vegas and your steps the way you guys said, but every time I boot up a rom it tells me that picodrive_libr$ Download failed. What do I do?

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Doesnt work.

tried all the cores all the video drivers every plugin all i get is reboot

Did anybody get Picodrive to work in the latest v0.4 update? For me the standalone version gets stuck at the loading screen (the one you get after you agree to configure the game engine automatically). While the retroarch core crashes immediately.

Didn’t have time to check with 0.4 OS so I don’t have any suggestions. Only try to use the fbturbo driver rather than the Lima one.

Are you on v0.4? I think it is a v0.4 issue

I was able to get it working. I was browsing through the clockwork files using WinSCP (makes connecting to the gameshell so much easier for me) to see if I could find anything, and found the action.config file for PicoDrive. In there I found the URL that the gameshell wouldn’t download for some reason. Pasted the link in my browser, and it downloaded the file without issues. I then extracted the zip file, and placed the .so file into /home/cpi/apps/emulators folder. I also put the zip file itself, which probably wasn’t necessary, just because. Lastly I reloaded the UI. Everything now seems to be working flawlessly. Here’s the link for the core:


Also be sure not to change any names as they need to be exact. Hope this helps anyone else on 0.4!

Thank you sir, you made my day :slight_smile:

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No problem man. Glad to help.

Where do the bios go for Sega CD??