Printer not in all models of the DevTerm?

Hi community!

Today one of the bigger german IT-related news portals released a short coverage of the devterm:

In the last part of the text there is on information I was courious about: The text says that the thermal printing module is only available in the cheapest version of the DevTerm. Can someone confirm ths information? I always thought that the thermal printer is always “on board”…

Greetings Nico


This is the translated paragraph of the news-artikel I mentioned:

Blockquote The thermal printer is only included in the cheapest option for US $ 220. The module has a resolution of 200 dpi and uses 58 mm continuous paper rolls. Depending on the configuration, the system can cost up to $ 320. Delivery is scheduled to begin in July 2021.

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all models include the printer as shown in the shopping portal


Perhaps lost in translation?

Lost in translation indeed…the original article says “the thermal printer is already included in the cheapest option for $220”. Trust me, I’m German :wink:


To make things clear: in the initial version of the article it actually stated that the printer is only included in the cheapest model. That is why I wrote my question in this forum. Trust me: I am also german. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I already contacted the guy who wrote the article and it was corrected a few minutes after that. So the article on Golem has already the corrected text.

Anyways: Thanks for making clear that the printer is included in ever option of the DT

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Ah, I had a feeling something like that happened. I couldn’t see how even an automatic translation could get it that wrong (and it didn’t look like an automatic translation actually).

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yeah… i always like to check for sources and then check the sources.
however, in this case… we are here. this is the source.