Related News: How Analogue remade the Super Nintendo

Like all the best gaming stories, the project that would eventually lead to the Analogue Super Nt started with an obsession. As the CEO of Analogue, a company that specializes in high-end retro hardware, Christopher Taber remains bound to the tech of yesteryear. Soon, Analogue will release the Super Nt — a pristine, sub-$200 Super Nintendo clone that uses cutting-edge proprietary tech to replicate the original’s guts — that represents the culmination of Taber’s passion for high-fidelity retro gaming, which he describes as 'totally unreasonable, nauseating, all-consuming."

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I wonder why there’s so much interest in old technology. I suspect that this might be a DRM issue. Perhaps there was some magic behind these old concepts that gave freely in a way that sound business minds later learned to harvest as profit.

P.S. The bastards!! >:}!
A turn-table trades versitility for clarity on a particular format.

Under the wuthering arch of the high wind a V of wild geese fled south. The rush of their pinions sounded briefly, and the faint, plaintive notes of their expeditionary talk. Then they left a still greater vacancy. There was the smell and expectation of snow, as there is likely to be when the wild geese fly south. From the remote distance, toward the red sky, came faintly the protracted howl and quick yap, yap of prairie wolf.

                 ─ THE PORTABLE PHONOGRAPH, Walter Van Tilburg Clark

The New York sounds so good on my speakers, which they brand-named Evil.