Request - BLACK Loading screen!

Hi i havea really SIMPLE request here that i think alot of people would appreciate, replace the BLINDING WHITE loading screen every time the GS starts, or every time u quit a game, with a black background, same images just black background so it doesnt burn your retina as much. Especially if you use a darker theme and then that white screens kinda annoying

There are 2 splash screens upon booting up that you can edit via recompiling the kernel.

Here are a few links covering that.

As for how to do it, the only way I’ve messed with it is by getting a fresh untouched kernel, and comparing it line by line with an existing one to see what has been added. Putting the bootsplash logos in is part of that process.

You can see where the kernel files etc are in the boot partition. Just for an example, you can change the boot logos with the files from this link:

One folder contains the stock white backgrounds from 0.5. The other contains a black background from the DEOT theme. Keep in mind, the files for the DEOT kernel don’t have the current Lima drivers properly enabled, since it’s based off of an older kernel.

There’s no simple drag and drop way to just add a boot splash image. You will need to know how to compile a kernel, or at least have a lot of time and patience to cross compare many lines of code. There are a lot of links and resources in the forums. I’ve been trying to do the opposite, pulling apart a compiled kernel to extract the boot images. It is my strong desire to use the stock DEOT splash images (black ones) on a current 0.5 5.4.6 kernel.

It’s like asking, “how do I swap out the milk chocolate chips in this cake with dark chocolate?” You need to know how to make a cake to begin with. And likewise, you can’t just pull apart a cake, and rip out all the chocolate chips, and insert a new one. It will all fall apart. It needs to be all done as one complete process.

The other splash screens are found in




They are as follows:
desktopbg.jpg (the blueprint wallpaper seen when in hdmi mode)

What skin are you using? Most of the dark ones should contain dark versions of the above files. For now you could just extract the above files from an existing skin, and insert them into yours. Alternatively, just load up the png files in your favourite image editing software and run a colour filter on it, then replace the existing ones. I can probably snap something up quickly now based on the stock images.

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I meant more of a request to the team to change it to black for future releases. Rather than asking how to do it my self

edit: I basically figured out how to change it , the screen i wanted to, replace it with just a image of the clockwork logo i found on a black background which ithink works well:…721.2233…2351…2.0…0.95.621.7…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0j0i5i30j0i24.Ls_tw-NEvQA&ei=JsVWXv-BMMj8sQX_67HwAg&bih=635&biw=1366&rlz=1C1CHBF_enCA824CA824#imgrc=A74vgdim1u8jdM

i wasnt so much worried about the startup/boot screens, i realize theyre harder to change, just the ones in between games, since if you have a dark theme its annoying to be faced with the white loading screens in between switching emulators .

If you’re not using a dark theme that has one, I can whip one up in a few minutes when I get home from work.