[TIC-80] offline version of cartridges

With my new gameshell I’ve discovered TIC-80 and it’s awesome ! The user experience is fabulous with the online link directly in the emulator.

It would be great to have a selection of cartridges in the base clockwork image. I don’t see may licence mentions on the games listed https://tic.computer/play so this might complicate things.

I’ve noticed that tic-80 keeps the carts in cache, so that might be another nice feature : be able to play the games already played online when going offline.

I was surprised to see “Pro” in the TIC-80 version when it boots. I guess “For users who can’t spend the money, we made it easy to build the pro version from the source code.” (from https://github.com/nesbox/TIC-80) was used to compile TIC-80 for clockworkpi. Maybe the project should consider not including this mention and maybe find a way for encourage it’s user to go and support the author with the “pro” mecanism".

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I agree that the Pro version should be something that a user could compile for themselves, but it shouldn’t come out of the box.

good point

the tic-80 on GS is compiled from https://github.com/cuu/TIC-80

which fixed fullscreen bug for the original TIC-80 also

and tic-80 on GS did not use any pro features , I dont know what are tic-80 pro features anyway

so next version of os-image will use non-pro of tic-80

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