Videos on the uConsole (unboxings, reviews, in-depths, experiments, tutorials,etc)

Here, let me link it with native embedded player.


do you know of any video demos of the R-01 uConsole? Can’t find any. If someone has it, can you please make one?

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I have found another assembly viedeo


The most sexy video I ever seen…I watched so many unboxing Uconsole videos that I won’t need the assembly guide when I ll receive mine.

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ETA Prime just posted a uConsole video


I’ll just dig up the thread again. I found another nice animated uConsole video.


Thanks for sharing.
The little “extra key” on the keyboard bothered me… but, after checking building video, it can safely be removed.

The Cyberdeck I Wish I Could Recommend | The uConsole by Clockwork Pi - YouTube

And this clown bothers to complain why his CM4 + 4G kit comes with two audio jacks. It behooves him to do some research before posting comments. Apparently, he didn’t do enough.