Why Can't We Buy Just The Front Covers?

The gameshell is supposed to be modular, but we can’t just buy the pieces that we want for example the different color front covers. I like all three but i don’t want to pay for three complete units when I just want one and the ability to change the covers. Do you plan on selling them in the future?


response @Lahegry


For a modular video game, don’t sell the covers is a big fail. Is like to sell a car, but without wheels :joy:

That’s my thoughts exactly, i bought it and had to t spend a good 2 days thinking about what color to get. Normally I would have just bought all three at the same time because i like to change things up a the drop of a hat. I really wished they had a black front, then I would not have been so conflicted.

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My order hasn’t shipped out yet so I hope that I picked the best color for right now. I picked yellow and my order number is 11425 ,maybe I should have picked red though.

They’re supposed to start shipping out this week. (I’m # 11475)
From all of the videos I’ve seen, the yellow looks really nice

I have the red version and it looks pretty awesome IMO

I got a green cover 3D printed. Going to see if I can get a purple one too.

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Can we see some pics please?

It’s shipped, going to see if it fits next week :ok_hand:


Here it is! I got it off off shapeways in the usa


That looks gorgeous!!!@!

I would loooooooooooveee a front cover of the exact same material as the back cover, transparent and slightly darkened, it would love awesome!

Not really true.

You bought the car… it came with wheels. Now you have to wait for more wheels to be made for purchase.

It’s a new car… the wheels haven’t existed very long.