A discord for the community?



Hey everyone !
I was thinking about a discord community moderated if possible by yong and supervised by him , this discord could let people debate , share their ideas or even create some project with gameshell .


If you build it, they will come: Discord Server

@yong PM me on the forum your Discord user and I’ll transfer ownership over.

Discord Bot (clockwork-bot)
How to play snes game

OK. I just signed up a Discord username yong#7635.
As I am still trying to figure out the functions and features, we probably need a few co-moderators if possible.


The invitation has expired


i have the same error


I checked “do not let this link expire”, but it looks like that didn’t work. I updated the link above, but here’s the new link here too.


It Works better ! :slight_smile:


I just realized we have two yong’s in the community, @yong and @Yong_Zhang. I was about to transfer ownership over to the “yong” user in the channel when I noticed they’re yong#6226 and not yong#7635.


Opps! Undercover identity busted. :fearful:
Any id should work. Sorry for the confusion.:stuck_out_tongue:


Ownership has been transferred over then.


Just joined discord. Tnx for setting it up.


Thread for the discord bot for the server: Discord Bot (clockwork-bot)


Check this article, it helped me too
i hope you will also satisfied from this article


Id love to help mod! Let me know if I can be of any help with setting up bots or perms