Anyone interested in a new server to share pics and setups?

Nothing against this forum and the way things are set up to be, but I see that for a lot of similar projects and devices there are places where people could share their workspace, setup and usecases in a hobbyist type of way, and I think that it’s a great method to motivate one and other to push the potential of the device.

The forum is a great place for questions and answers in the way that stackoverflow is great for programming, but it’s not exactly best for more casual and hobbyist conversations, and on top of that is an extra tab to have open on the browser. If anyone is interested in a discord or IRS server let me know!

I don’t think splitting the communication channel is helpful, but some form of database for the projects would be nice.

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Look at flipper, or any mechanical keyboard community, or any comparable projects, and how they have places for userspace sharing, to maintain the interest of users and allow people to catch an eye and make a decision on a purchase? It was really hard to find any user images online before I got my device, that on top of the long shipping time turns a lot of people off. The hype dies off from initial release and less and less people invest on the device, because it’s a niche market, then modules wouldn’t be developed and produced, because it doesn’t make sense for clockwork financially.

I don’t think it’s splitting communication, user discussion shouldn’t directly interfere with developer → user news release / help. Just like showing a picture of my Kyria split shouldn’t have anything to do with splitkb’s production directly.

You know there’s a discord server already, right?

The only one I’ve found is clockwork’s official one, where I really don’t see a place to post or have discussions. But then I don’t use discord too often and am no expert, so if there exists one please do enlighten me.

Nevermind found that I have to check mark server rules to see the full page, kind of confusing but I suppose stupidity on my part as well. I really don’t use discord often. Thanks for the help.

There is a Discord server? Where?

I found it on the official website: ClockworkPi Official (GameShell/DevTerm)

It is clearly stated when you join the server:

Please read the server-rules channel to get access to the full server!

Sure sure Godzilla 囧