The new community's blog first issue

Hi people !

I’m proudly present to you the new community blog of the Gameshell.

If it is the first time you run your GS and don’t really know what to do, this is the place to go. The goal of this blog is to centralize all what is fun and necessary to do with GS.

And the first thing : etablish a connection with your PC

Feel free to comment, make any suggestions, corrections, etc.

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Great write-up for new users!
Excellent! Two thumbs up! :+1::+1:
Thank you!

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Thank you @yong

Maybe in the future you could add a direct link to the blog on the main website ?

@Dowdheur personally, I think the wiki section of the clockwork github should be the place where official guides like this live. In the overall repository for the Gameshell, we could have a wiki section with a quickstart user guide, linux and ssh for dummies (like me), how to the file system and various emulators are set up, and a link back here for more experimental community driven features.
Take a look at how the Grbl github is set up. I know its a completely different system, but I think it is a great example of an open source project github page. It includes an extensive wiki that goes through step by step on how to set the system up and the various features included.

This is just a thought seeing as this forum is really well executed already and a great place for individuals to share their personal tutorials and their own setups. I think that too many clockwork affiliated websites may get confusing.

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Ok, fine. I added this to the wiki

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Hope I didn’t offend, just voicing what I was thinking.