About connectivity

I have two questions about wireless connectivity:

  1. As I understand, the WiFi 802.11ac which the uConsole has operates only on 5GHz and do not support a 2.4GHz WiFi, is it correct? Is there an external module for 2.4GHz?
  2. Can the WiFi and BT be physically switched off (like not being made invisible, but to not transmit at all)?

Its a Linux box… write a two line Ifconfig down script then use bind to tie it to a key combo. Do an if … else then you can use the script to check and switch it on if off or off if on.

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Yes, sure with config. I meant physical killswitch (or even jumper kind of). But thanks for the answer.

I can only speak to DevTerm which i believe is the same board as the Uconsole. my older router and DevTerm did not get along but i believe that to be a network security issue with Linux rather than a wireless issue. ive used USB wifi plub in modules that worked with my old router and older Raspberry pi’s. ive used USB wired eithernet that was plug and play. the Bluetooth can be turned on and off via either icons at upper right of screen or under Settings in the Clockwork OS hope this helps.

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