Compute Module 4S For uConsole?

The Computer Module 4S is annonced. news

I wonder if it’s possible to use it in uConsole.
It uses the same pinout as Compute Module 3+.

IIRC, the RPF had quietly made that board available for a small pool of customers — it was something of an open secret. No idea if it will just work in the uConsole or if it will require new kernel hacks.

Yes it does work, but the WiFi and BT don’t. The CM4S doesn’t have that on board and the software doesn’t support the external WiFi on the main board. I used an external WiFi dongle and that worked ok. I eventually got the adapter board so I am not using the CM4S at the moment. That didn’t solve the lack of Bluetooth. I picked up a dual WiFi/BT module, but this version of Linux didn’t support it. Mostly ran out of time at that point and switched to the CM4 with adapter.

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Have a look at my CM4S thread, there’s an OS image to test with. :slight_smile: